Phoenix, Arizona

American Song Moo Kwan Association Chairman Kirk Koskella, its Senior Advisory Board and Members offering assistance in the future of the ASMKA met on January 27, 2013. A quorum being duly constituted, the following Appointments and Resolutions were approved for public disclosure.

1)  Approval and reaffirmation of Grand Master Kirk Irving Koskella as Chairman and President is sustained by unanimous vote of the membership in attendance and by mail in ballot.

a) The Chairman shall secure appropriate legal counsel for defense of the ASMKA’s asset base, including recovery of misappropriated property and/or infringement on copyright, registration and applicable trademarks for the entities and curriculum held thereunder.

b) The Chairman shall secure appropriate external independent auditors and/or a CPA/Accounting Firm to maintain compliance with all local, state, and federal filing requirements, and in support of proper accounting procedures affecting the ASMKA’s financial holdings.

c) All copyright and trademarks related to the ASMKA are retained for ongoing enterprise. The Board has agreed to maintain legal defense of violations related thereto. Reorganization of schools under the ASMKA is authorized and implemented by unanimous membership vote.

d) Copyright Notification is provided as follows:

© 1984, Kirk Koskella, and it’s affiliates and assigns and licensors

All rights reserved

American Song Moo Kwan Association is an Association of Rank Certification under Kirk Koskella.

American Song Moo Kwan Association, representing an integration of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Traditional Korean Weaponry, by and through its representative; ASMKA Trust.

Portions © 04/01/1981, Kirk I. Koskella, Proficiency Tae Kwon Do

Portions © 12/15/1986, Kirk Irving Koskella, Curriculum

Portions © 04/01/1994, American Song Moo Kwan Association

Portions © 03/01/1995, Kirk I. Koskella, American Song Moo Kwan Association, related web sites and content, curriculum, domestic & international

Portions © 12/01/1999, Kirk I. Koskella, Bu Yeun National Training Center

Portions © 01/01/2000, Kirk Irving Koskella, ASMKA

Portions © 03/01/2004, Kirk Koskella, ASMKA

Portions © 04/01/2010, Kirk Koskella, ASMKA, Ft Bliss CTA

Portions © 05/12/2012, Kirk Koskella, American Song Moo Kwan Association

Portions © 01/27/2013, Kirk Koskella, American Song Moo Kwan Association

Domestic and International

No claim to copyright is made for original U.S. Government Works.

2) A Governing Board of Grand Masters was authorized, accepted and organized. Motion for appointment of Temporary Officers was made and seconded.  The following positions and parties approved for announcement by unanimous consent are as follows:

a) Master R. Raymond Smith, duly installed as Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President.

b) The above position permits interaction with the Governing Board of Grand Masters including the nine (9) positions proffered and accepted.

c) Three positions remain open pending evaluation of respective submissions. Consideration shall be closed as of March 31, 2013 and voting shall be set for

April 30, 2013 by closed vote.

Note: Letters of Acceptance of appointment shall remain on file, and may be reviewed, at ASMKA Headquarters in Mesa, Arizona.

3) A Motion was made and duly seconded for the temporary Appointment of Senior Chief Master Instructor Christopher Zasa (appearing telephonically), duly installed as Association Captain and Director/Liaison to the Senior and Grand Master’s Executive Boards. Remaining submissions will be accepted until March 31, 2013 and voting shall be set to coincide with the Grand Master’s vote of April 12, 2013.

4) Joint Meetings shall be determined by the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and ASMKA Captain, and shall be called in time of necessity for matters that cannot be resolved under regularly scheduled terms.

5) Appointment for the temporary appointment of Secretary and Treasurer was made, seconded, and unanimously approved by the attendees of the Conference. Upon execution of Letter of Acceptance, the parties will be publicly declared via publishing on  ASMKA related websites.

6) The NTC has authorized approval of nine of the affiliated Charter Dojangs, based upon completion of the Instructor’s Immersion Certification Program.

7) The securing of parties to act in Directorships for Individual, Instructor and School Charter Memberships shall be by professional employment, as directed by the Chairman in organization of related Headquarters employee hiring.

8) Approval of all Seals and Registration for NTC use. Including interfacing with the respective organizations (foreign and domestic) is authorized for Dr. Kim, Chang Dong to act as executive advisor to the Chair and Board of Grand Masters of the NTC, by common consent. Dr. Kim is further authorized to meet with and settle any and all disputes with all Grand Masters and related martial arts organizations, foreign and domestic. Including decertification and/or dismissal of parties.

9) Proprietary Curriculum is approved as presented by Grand Master Kirk Koskella and is authorized for licensure to the ASMKA under the contracted agreements set-forth. Final determinations related to copyright, registration and trademark are held by Master Koskella, and the licensure of the programs created there under. Accepted therewith is sustaining rights of all names, photographs and likeness of members related to the ASMKA and NTC.

10) Development and implementation of Training Programs are approved for private hosting of selected Web site addresses used in the furtherance of the ASMKA, NTC, and related “Brands.”

11) Public dissemination of this portion of the Meeting Minutes has been approved by unanimous consent.

There being no further business to come before the membership, the meeting was motioned to be adjourned by Vice-Chairman R. Raymond Smith, seconded by the ASMKA Trustee. Unanimous vote concluded this session.

asmka-ConferenceAffirmed and Certified by the Conference Secretary
On this 27 day of January 2013.