Grand Master K Joel Coles – His Legacy

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K Joel Coles isn’t quite what people expect.  The chronology of skills learned and then retaught by the man you see here is one that many would like to claim as their own.  Grandmaster Coles has lived his dream.  Inspiring [...]

Song Moo Kwan Legacy

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The Legacy of Song Moo Kwan What can you say about a man that has what seems to be unlimited patience? There is not much that escapes his notice.  Not much that he does not empathize with, nor is [...]

Planning & Reality

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Planning & Reality The Korean proverb noted on our opening page denotes that “sometimes” things don’t always go as planned, requiring the assistance of others to make your project a success. Such is life.  However, the establishment and sustaining [...]


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  Principles Principles of martial arts are defined in mental and physical terms. The Tenets define the principles. Principles I teach and pass down. Integrity is the concept of a persons derived from the same core set of values. [...]

Staying True

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Staying True In my past 57 years of training and 47 years of teaching martial arts to the masses, I’ve see plenty of new trends come and go.  Some were good ideas, others not so much, and other ideas were [...]