Preparation and Training

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Your Legacy! Song Moo Kwan® training was introduced to the world before Taekwondo, Hapkido, etc. received their identifying name. Founder, Doju Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick, was appointed First Chair of the rank Committee for all subsequent Black [...]

The “Song Moo Kwan”®

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Before there was Taekwondo, there was… Song Moo Kwan® This past year, I have been contacted by many individuals seeking affiliation with the origins of the martial arts. Some because they have trained under masters that have passed on or [...]


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Often it is heard that “Rank has its privileges.” Whatever the phrase was supposed to mean, it generally refers to people taking advantage over some situation; or, someone attempting to acquire that which most would not be entitled to. In [...]


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There are questions asked as to why the ASMKASM exists when the WSMKATM is the world body responsible for the Song Moo Kwan worldwide. Particularly when Grand Master Kirk Koskella has been appointed worldwide spokesperson for the WSMKA. The ASMKA [...]

Grand Master Kirk Koskella

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Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro with Grand Master Kirk Koskella. Among true Grand Masters of the martial arts, there are no secrets. The things that are spoken of one are then repeated for the benefit of another who could [...]

Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro

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Perhaps the difference between night and day describes the difference between the ranking of 8th Degree and 9th Degree Black Belt. I still feel in awe when presenting myself on the mat for my own training, rank advancement, certification, and/or [...]

Hapkido – Diversity of Flow

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"HAP-KI-DO" literally means "Mixed Martial Art." Dependant upon the system, association or school, much more is read into those few words than otherwise might explain this Korean art form. Traditional Hapkido, has no Forms (Poomse) as in Taekwondo. There were [...]

My Journey

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There is a forum provided for students and instructors of the American Song Moo Kwan Association which permits a greater understanding on one’s self.  In this I have chosen to share a part of my path. My Journey by Master [...]

Seowon Training

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Introducing the Next Step - Seowon Training  Over the years I have sought teaching students and instructors by the integration of core elements from different martial arts. This permitted increased student insight into technology, methodology, and reasoning to understand specific concepts in [...]

Welcome to The ASMKA

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Welcome! The American Song Moo Kwan was born of an ideal to reunite and support members of the Song Moo Kwan that the traditions and principles established by Supreme Grand Master and Doju Ro, Byung Jick not be lost. [...]