ASMKA Lineage, Part Two

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I have been asked lately to explain why the ASMKA has photographs of the late Grand Master Bong Soo Han on its website.  After all, Song Moo Kwan is in association with Taekwondo.  The lineage being from Supreme Grand Master [...]

Grand Master Instruction Base

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Grand Master Kirk Koskella has implemented a system of training that incorporates immersion training by guest Korean Grandmasters as well as those of the United States.  This System of Training is known as “Seowon Training” or the “Seowon System.” Superior [...]

Becoming A Member of The ASMKA

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There are those today teaching martial arts who do so for the love of the art, to help kids not be bullied, and even to assist women’s awareness groups. There are others who thrive on competition. They spend hours with [...]

ASMKA Factual Lineage

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Factual Lineage of the American Song Moo Kwan Association The following list of names identifies American Song Moo Kwan Association members throughout the world. These are people recognized from the Isle of Man, England, Scotland , Chile, Equador, Argentina, Brazil, [...]