Two years ago the love of my life said to me.

What I would really like to do is open a little martial arts school with my friend Ray.  I would like to have a place where I could pass on the traditional Song Mo Kwan values and techniques as I was taught them.

Master K's White Tiger Martial Arts College View

Master K’s White Tiger Martial Arts College (model constructed several years ago by Master K)

A place where kids from needy families or broken families can come on scholarship to learn and receive guidance so that they know they can make life whatever they want it to be.  Somewhere that kids with behavior problems can learn to have respect for themselves and others so that they can be in control of the direction their lives take.

My idea of happiness encompasses being able to do something you have a passion and calling for to make a living.  I feel fortunate to have had that opportunity and therefore wanted that for my loved one.  So I said that this was the best plan I had ever heard.  Thus began a new adventure in my life, the road to a martial arts school.  It has been a wandering road full of misadventure, detours, and stumbling blocks.

We spent months looking for the perfect location to put a school.  Probably drove hundreds of miles and looked at dozens of properties until we found one that would work.  Just days before we went to look at the property one more time in preparation for signing a lease another facet was added to the plan.  “Honey, GrandMaster Ro thinks he might want to move the WSMKA headquarters here”

By now I was totally caught up in the vision and project.  So without hesitation I responded, “I think we are going to need a bigger building” We were also going to need a larger startup bankroll.

The quest to find the perfect site started over along with my visionary going back to work to find a way to fund this larger project.  As we moved through these processes we have met many people.  Some have been a blessing and some have been reminders that we can’t always trust others to behave in the way we behave.  The former have helped us along our way, the later have caused heartache, headaches and delays.  We have overcome the challenges, weathered the sacrifices and  Through it all we have stayed firm in our goal.  To provide a home for WSMKA unlike anything that has existed in this country.

Finally we are seeing signs that we are getting close to our goal.  Every day the building that we settled on gets closer to what we envisioned it being.  As the cosmetic improvements progress we are busy planning the first event that will be held there.  It is a busy and exciting time.

To those of you that will be joining us for the first annual WSMKA Head Instructor Conference we look forward to seeing you.  We hope this will be the beginning of a long, happy and exciting new chapter for WSMKA and martial arts as we reclaim the legacy of traditional values and traditional martial arts that began 70 years ago.


Jessica Mathis-Koskella (WSMKA Secretary)

Several other views of Master K’s model of his White Tiger Martial Arts College