The Board of Governors for the American Song Moo Kwan Association has been asked to address certain tenets and Bylaws of the Association in relation to those who have enjoyed membership.

There is a question that has been asked regarding the use of names and photographs.  As a condition of membership, the ASMKA Individual Membership Agreement, signed by each member and/or guardian addresses such questions.  Terms and Conditions , Section (7):  “The member also agrees that the names of students and any photographs or motion pictures taken during the Association’s activities may be used for promotional purposes.”

There have been certain members that have either decided upon another path, or for disciplinary reasons, who have been dismissed from the Association.  For example, the Section 4 (d) of the Bylaws specifically preclude membership (or call for dismissal) of persons who remain habitually addicted to illegal substances.  Realizing that different states have enacted laws, or lessened restrictions on certain substances in no way diminishes the zero (0) tolerance policy employed by the ASMKA.

ASMKA Bylaw, Section 4(d)(i) mandates dismissal for those having been convicted of the sale or distribution of illegal drugs.  While Section 5 identifies persons having been convicted of morals charges, specifically identifying sexual assault upon another person, and in any case regarding children, demands dismissal and preclusion of future membership.

Membership Is a Privilege. Each Black Belt Member has taken an Oath to ASMKA Founder and Chairman, Kirk Koskella.  This includes upholding the organizational structure, and support of each member regarding specific details of personal conduct.

Section 8 of the Terms and Conditions include the prohibition of using the knowledge obtained from the ASMKA in commercial competition with the association.  Section 9 permits an option whereby the Member can cancel his/her membership without fear of retaliation, or reprisal, retaining the rank received under the provisions of Honorable Withdrawal.

Before proceeding there is one additional notation  of agreement for membership that should be considered:  Section 4 – “You agree NOT to share the individual curriculum, techniques, or proprietary information developed by Grand Master Kirk I. Koskella with any individual, Dojang, or competing organization, without direct written approval of your instructor, the Area Representative, the National Direction and the Association World headquarters.”

For those who have honorably moved on, there is much reward in being able to carry forth that knowledge.  But for those who have abandoned or denied their Oath, for whatever reason, they have broken a contract.  The use of seals, logos, and the technical curriculum developed by Grand Master Koskella over the past 42 years, in favor of presumed successors demonstrates the lack of character and integrity that renders your word of honor void.

The American Song Moo Kwan Association made significant financial contributions in support of the World Song Moo Kwan Association (WSMKA) in order to lawfully move forward in the World Martial Arts community.  Our duty of fidelity to the parent organization remains steadfast.

In retention of rights to publicly assert ASMKA rights, the true lineage of those taught by Grand Master Koskella must be asserted.  Those whose false deeds and claims have been present are exposed for the truth of their honor.  Their inability to present themselves on the basis of skill cannot be permitted to pervert the ideals established under Grand Master Koskella’s tutelage.

In This, We Set The Record Straight.

Grand Master Koskella is not a “member.”  He is the founder (DoJoo).  The creation of the ASMKA owes homage to no other party member who had been paid for his work, trained to understand concepts and techniques he had never prior considered.

The plaques, flags, seals and other property of the ASMKA now in possession of those who have gone their way, remain the property of Grand Master Koskella and the ASMKA.  Arrangements shall be made for them to be returned and no retaliatory acts for their prior conversion will be undertaken.

Those who have requested removal from the rolls of the ASMKA under falsely asserted threat must now contend with their signature grant of right.  However, dismissal FOR CAUSE, is undertaken where these individuals have dishonored their prior Oaths and duties to the ASMKA.

It should be noted that upon Grand Master Koskella’s return to take up the ASMKA’s dormant state, those left in charge asked to have their names removed and this was granted without protest.  Great pains were taken to thank them for their service, which was rebuffed out of pride and arrogance.  Not knowing what is yet to come.  Yet that grateful heart remains.  And nothing here is meant to slander their prior committed efforts.

Just as the truth of other things come to light, so too, shall the malversation of pretenders be made known.  Therefore, all supporters are wished well.  The responsibilities laid out reflect positions of personal conduct which promotes, rather than denigrates its Directors, Officers, and Members.

Further changes now taking place will be publicly addressed at the end of January.