GM-Byung-Hoon-ParkGrand Master Park, Byung Hoon (known  as “Lion Park”) is a first generation Song Moo Kwan practitioner under Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro. While in Korea he was the senior instructor for the Korean Police Academy, and provided Taekwondo instruction for United States armed forces during the Vietnam War. Grand Master Park was sought out as the senior ranked Song Moo Kwan Instructor in Southeast Asia.

Grand Master Park is well recognized for his breaking of boards, bricks and even rocks. The first comment many fellow Masters make is regarding his hands.  Yet Grand Master Park is equally proficient in kicking and joint manipulation. His well-rounded, strict enforcement of discipline on and off the mat provided a solid base from which his instruction could be passed down for generations to come.

Grand Master Park came to the United States in 1975 and agreed to take over the school of his senior student, David Reed Thomas (4th Dan) in Tucson, Arizona, being sponsored by Grand Master Yong Kil Kim as he considered seeking United States citizenship.

Note:  Master Thomas spent many years with Grand Master Park traveling and instructing students in Southeast Asia.

Grand Master Park assumed the contract Master Thomas held with the United States Air Force and instructed military personnel at Davis Monthon Air Force Base, while building his student base in the southwest.  In consideration of his family, Grand Master Park immigrated to Australia in 1979.

Grand Master Park established a network of schools from his base in Sydney, known as “Lion Park’s Taekwondo” which are now being passed down to his progeny.