Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro with Grand Master Kirk Koskella.

Among true Grand Masters of the martial arts, there are no secrets. The things that are spoken of one are then repeated for the benefit of another who could be wronged if the information passed on was withheld. This also relates to how each man in the system is perceived by others. In an age where self-proclaimed mastery is rampant, the lineage of each Grand Master, master, Instructor and even students must be thoroughly checked and rechecked.

Joining such ranks requires something more. Getting on the mat. In those brief moments of realization, the man who professes to be – either is, or is not. It matters not whether you are a white belt or a black belt. The process of preparation (and a bit of trepidation) remain the same. We are each dependent on a personal skill-set that cannot be faked.


This past week Hee Sang Ro of the World Song Moo Kwan Association (Minneapolis, Minnesota) formally accepted his new role as Senior Grand Master by instilling Kirk I. Koskella as WSMKA Grand Master (8th Dan Black Belt) and Worldwide Spokesperson for the Association.

While Grand Master Koskella demonstrated his skills before Korean and American Masters, Senior Grand Master Ro remained engaged in the four hour-long testing which culminated in Grand Master Koskella’s prefect execution of Song Moo Poomse Number 16 – Focused Chi (에너지 집중).

Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro then requested Master Koskella remove his belt and turn it over. In compliance, Master Koskella relinquished his belt. Senior Grand Master Ro, then tied the belt about his own waist and proclaimed Master Koskella as WSMKA and ASMKA Grand Master Kirk I. Koskella, Official Worldwide Spokesperson for the World Song Moo Kwan Association.

This action paved the way for instilling the Mesa, Arizona complex the Official National Training Center of the American Song Moo Kwan Association and WSMKA recognized World Training College and University of Martial Arts. These actions removing any question as to the direction of both associations in re-instilling superior quality and outstanding performance in all Charter Dojangs throughout the world representing themselves under Song Moo Kwan banner and lineage.

Congratulations to Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro and Grand Master Kirk I. Koskella.