GM Kirk I Koskella Bio

Grand Master Kirk Irving Koskella, born on US soil in 1958, to a Finnish family line traced back to none other than Genghis Kahn. The fighting spirit of his descendants remained alive as a boy seeking his first training (1972) in the honored system of Shotokan Karate. This thirst for martial knowledge expanded as the boy accidently met Grand Master Bong Soo Han on the movie set of “Trial of Billy Jack” in 1974, changing his focus of martial arts forever as the two formed a life-long bond.

Though receiving a black belt in Taekwondo in 1974, Grand Master Koskella found his home in the Song Moo Kwan system of Taekwondo under the tutelage of Taekwondo great, Grand Master Byung Hoon Park. The truth of “Jung Sin Il Do Ha Sa Bul Sung” (”If you can do one thing, you can do anything.”), led to one of the his highest achievement, receiving the rank of 8th Dan Black Belt from Taekwondo’s founder Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro (the only recipient of a Kukkiwon 10th Dan Black Belt; and, highest medal of Honor awarded by Korea’s President), on July 9, 2013.
Grand Master Kirk Irving Koskella was Appointed World Song Moo Kwan Association President (2014) and commissioned with advancing Song Moo Kwan tenets throughout the world. In this role, Grand Master Koskella pursued his dream of creating a Global Masters Academy for the advancement of all Martial Arts.

Grand Master Koskella serves as Chairman and President of the American Song Moo Kwan Association (1994 – 2016), while refining his practice of Yu Shin Kumdo, Ki Bon Mu Gi, and Hung Ga Keun.

Grand Master Koskella now leads Seowon Fighting Tigers, Seowon Global Masters Academy, keeping that promise to Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro’s memory, that all practitioners of the Martial Arts are provided a place to come and share knowledge of their respective organizations, while seeking the betterment of self. Welcome to the Seowon Global Masters Academy of Mesa, Arizona, USA.

Grand Master Koskella served as President (and Executive Vice President) of Grand Master Bong Soo Han’s International Hapkido Federation (1994 – 2002), prior to his passing; and, more recently has aligned Seowon Fighting Tigers Academy with the Hapkidowon under Grand Master Hong Sik Myun.

Grand Master Koskella’s instruction at the Seowon Global Masters Academy includes Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kumdo and Hung Ga Keun.

Kirk Irving Koskella – Curriculum Vitae


AMERICAN SONG MOO KWAN ASSOCIATION – Chairman and President (1994 to Present) 


WORLD SONG MOO KWAN ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT (2014 and 2015); WSMKA Administrator (2013 to present); Worldwide Spokesperson under Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo founder, Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro; and, Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro, Chairman (2012 to 2016). (Direct student of Grand Master Byung Hoon Park).

BONG SOO HAN’S INTERNATIONAL HAPKIDO FEDERATION; served as President, and Executive Vice President (1994 to 2001); Hapkidowon Member, under Grand Master Hong Sik Myung (2013 to 2016); Serving as Chief Grand Master of the D’ong-iri Hapkido Institute – Grand Master (2016).

WORLD YU SHIN KUMDO INSTITUTE (2012) – Grand Master, Chairman and President, previously known as Korean Traditional Kumdo Academy (2003) – previously served as Senior Master, under Grand Master Kae Chung-shi, training under the lineage of Grand Master KIM Yong-bae.

HUNG GA KEUN INSTITUTE – Grand Master & Chairman (2016)

Martial Arts Instructor at Los Angeles Valley College, Community Extension Services (1982 – 1985); Trained State Police member of Anti-Terrorist Tactics Team for 1984 Olympic Games (1982 – 1984). Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Advanced Training Bureau, Member – Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Media Reserve Unit (ID #3746) (1984 – 1991). Honorary Police Officer, Orem, Utah, Orem Department of Public Safety, 1997.

Training of Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement and Military – 1976 to present. Assisting in the Wounded Warrior Program – Lead Designer/Builder of Old Ironsides and First Armored Division Museum, ft. Bliss, Texas (2010 to 2012);

10th Pacific Taekwondo Champion, Los Angeles, California (1982)
Trained both Gold and Silver medalists for the Olympic Games (1988 – Korea, 1992 – Spain) Kukkiwon Gold Medal Recipient (1984)
US Amateur International Karate (USAIKA) Champion, Light Heavyweight (1976 – 1979) – Undefeated 71-0-65 record; 8 Gold Medals.


Commendations, Appreciation and Meritorious Service:

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
Bong Soo Han – International Hapkido Federation
Korean National University (KNU), and Olympic Head Coach Lee, Kyu Hyung United States Taekwondo Union (USTU)
Universal Hapkido Institute (UHI)
Universal Taekwondo Institute (UTI)
USAIKA International Champion (1976 to 1979)
Wesley Snipes Masters of the Martial Arts
World Song Moo Kwan Association (WSMKA)
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) – Kukkiwon
Yong-in University (Korea)



Anglo-American Investments Limited (IoM), Managing Director. Managed Attorneys, CPA and Chartered Accountants, Registered Investment Advisors/Brokers on International Investment Strategies. (1994 – 2004).
Evergreen Mutual Funds, Funds Manager, writer/creator of offering materials used in international investment (1997 – 1999).

Owner/Director, Wall Street Investment Savings Bank, Park Avenue, New York (Illinois Charter) (1997 – 2002).

LL M – Trinity College and University (1997) – First Class Law Degree in International Tax and Finance.
LL B – Bachelor of Law, University of America’s, 1994 – First Class Law Degree
Bachelor of Fine Arts received 1994 University of the America’s, Panama City, Panama Inducted into International Confederation of Finance (ICF), Brussels, Belgium (1997) Gold Medalist

Guest lecturer at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) (1998 – 1991).
Wrote Professional On-Camera Acting Course for Susan Dolan as Professor at Utah State University, 1988.
Universal/MCA Studios, Universal City, California, Spokesperson for Universal City Tours (1981 – 1985)
Received teaching Credential for Arizona Private Technical Business Schools – Instruction of On-Camera Acting Courses; Member of SAG/AFTRA #10281026 (1980).
Success Motivation Institute (Waco, Texas), Graduate – International Salesmanship and Public Speaking (1979)
Extensive Professional Acting Resume from (1974 – 1986). Moved to Production (1984 – 1999). Graduated from Flowing Wells High School, Tucson, Arizona (1976).
Attended University of Arizona while in High School for specialized Summer Fine Arts Programs, (1973, 1974, and 1975).