Grand-Master-Yong-Kik-KimGrand Master Yong Kil Kim is a true pioneer in the introduction of Taekwondo training to the United States, establishing the famous Do San Tae Kwon Do School in Los Angeles, California after its foundation school in Korea.  A landmark in the Los Angeles Community for more than 45 years, Grand Master Kim’s commitment to the Korean Community is showcased each year by participation in parades and festivals.  Grand Master Kim’s dedication to Taekwondo has also resulted in the success of the annual Pacific Taekwondo Championships.  A preparatory “must” attend tournament in the days leading up to International and/or Olympic Gold.

Grand Master Kim’s is one of the lesser known Grand Masters under the tutelage of Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick.  His humility conceals technical skills unequaled. His dedication to perfection in the martial arts unparalleled. And, his ability to mentor those young Masters coming to him for counsel and advice, priceless. His teachings will never be lost to those who have been graced by his knowledge – freely given.

Note:  In 2007, the United States Taekwondo Grandmaster’s Society honored Taekwondo’s first and finest in the modern age, presenting the Founding Pioneer Award to first generation Taekwondo Song Moo Kwan Doju, Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jik Ro.  This award was accepted on his behalf by Grandmaster Yong Kil Kim.  The honorable Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jik Ro made every attempt to receive the award himself this year, yet he was unable to make the journey from his home in Minnesota to Las Vegas for the event after all. Fortunately, his senior student, Grandmaster Yong Kil Kim, came from Los Angeles to accept the award on behalf of his Master.