Planning & Reality

The Korean proverb noted on our opening page denotes that “sometimes” things don’t always go as planned, requiring the assistance of others to make your project a success. Such is life.  However, the establishment and sustaining of any organization must include the stalwart mindset of its members.

Training Floor

The WSMKA is no exception.

There are those that give great amounts of time to the establishment of their schools, while failing to promote their parent organization.  That time is generally reserved for the next rank testing.  There are complaints of their superior ranks, head instructors, and even (at times) their Grand Master.  Yet, these same people who decry the delays that come from their own lack of devotion will reverse before their seniors to gain that next rank.

There are those that feel “they” know best.  To prove that point, they pursue organizations that have no longevity or support beyond their region, or local area.  They feel the public will never know the difference.  In point of fact, they are right – for the most part.

Some years ago the FBI came to a Grand Master in Los Angeles to question him regarding the character of one of his 7th degree black belts in Orlando, Florida.  They were concerned because this man had been arrested for misconduct regarding his students, and subsequently, they found unlawful pornography on his computer.

When asked about the man, the Grand Master replied that he had not known the man. They balked and presented the Grand Master with a copy of that man’s diploma. The Grand Master quietly reviewed the Diploma, then got up and crossed the floor to his cabinet and pulled out one of his Association’s diplomas.  They were not the same.

The Grand Master’s name and signature were there. But the entire diploma of the man in Florida was fraudulent. Concocted on a computer and proudly displayed on the wall for all to see.

Consider your name.  Consider the things that people say about you.  Consider then, how you would feel if someone stole the truth of your life and made it into a lie.  With the stroke of a pen.

I knew of a man that had worked with the FBI Washington Field Office, then as Assistant to the Director.  One person stated that his life was a falsehood.  Yet when we were in Washington, D.C., we stopped to take a tour of the J. Edgar Hoover Building and Agents came out and got us, celebrating our friend’s return to Washington – if only for a brief visit.

The things that are repeated about those who have achieved much are often our of jealousy, immaturity, or to make themselves look larger in the eyes of others.

But what about organizations, associations and their Grand Masters.

In the Korean culture, those who have achieved much are to be revered.  They are appreciated for their achievements, and their faithful progress to the completion of their ultimate goals. The building of an organization for the common good of its members requires more than a single person to achieve ultimate success.

There are those who crave power and position.  Then, there are those who quietly assist with the understanding that success is not achieved without sacrifice and diligence.

The WSMKA held a Master’s informational meeting the end of March.  Appointments were being considered and then offered starting in April and the acceptance of those appointments began to be received in May.  By June several committees were established and ideas exchanged.  This is in no way complete.  The remainder of appointments were sent in July and August – Just as the new school year boost in attendance comes to test our instructors resolve to see our expansion continue.

The World Song Moo Kwan Association’s Training Center in Mesa, Arizona has been met with the main water line to the complex being cut;  theft of all copper pipes in the building (including to showers, and water heaters);  three of the eleven air conditioners have had all their contents removed; the torrential monsoon rains now requiring a complete re-roofing of this 36,000 square foot complex; and, the removal and replacement of wood flooring (and sub floor) that succumbed to the roof leakage.  The delay in new pipes and the roof will still not be resolved for another few weeks.

Murphy’s old adage of “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” might seem apropos.  In fact, it is enough to make you want to throw up your hands and surrender.  However, that is NOT the Song Moo Kwan way.

There are three Song Moo Kwan members that are there to right these obstacles.  Three may not seem like a lot.  But, the mountain of a burden for one person is lessened by two, then three. Master Raymond Smith has been with contractors all week to resolve the issues.  Again, on September 1, 2014, while others are off for the holiday, we will be there with the plumbers assessing what must be completed so that we can provide what Senior Grand Master Ro, Hee Sang has directed.

The support of the membership in this endeavor has not been financial.  However, it must be honorable.  Senior Grand Master and all the seniors deserve your support and encouragement as we move into this new century with the ultimate goal of returning our Song Moo Kwan way of training to the international stage.

August 30, 2014, Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick has returned to Korea to receive a lifetime medal for his contributions to the martial arts and Taekwondo in particular.  The mantle is passing and you are tomorrow’s leaders.  I ask you to make the choice to be excellent.  To be confident.  To be a leader.  Never to forget where you came from and what it takes to remain excellent.  In the end, there will remain no pretenders in Song Moo Kwan.  Only those who do, or do not.

Make your choice.