Your Legacy!

Preparation & TrainingSong Moo Kwan® training was introduced to the world before Taekwondo, Hapkido, etc. received their identifying name. Founder, Doju Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick, was appointed First Chair of the rank Committee for all subsequent Black Belts under the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA). But, as the boundaries of his knowledge were never limited to Taekwondo, his students were identified as the elite of the world. They paved the path for others of varied systems, to achieve their goals in the martial arts.

Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo appears to mirror other systems where seeming impossible aerial kicking exhibitions come to the forefront. It is distinguished from other systems by immediate application of sweeps, grappling, throws and takedowns reminiscent of Hapkido, Ju-jitsu, or even Kung Fu expertise. And, the ability to break rocks with ease of a knife-hand strike.

In truth, the unparalleled performance demonstrated within this unique system encompasses what passes today for a number of systems. Yet, the majesty of the Song Moo Kwan lies within the adaptability of its members to mirror, then excel, in any chosen system encountered. This is due to the methodology of training encompassed in its core discipline.

Weapons become mere extensions of the person’s hands, feet, fingers, head and even the body itself. Thus, the anticipation of training, self-defense, or offense becomes an extension of that core training. There is no fear, because the practitioner realizes that there is no threat apparent. Only another learning experience.

This unparalleled train of thought is a standard of excellence passed down by the Song Moo Kwan’s founder; and, gratefully continued by his son, Senior Grand Master Ro, Hee Sang.

Years of dedicated practice in multiple martial arts systems; added to by mental Qui Gong training has resulted in a continuation of martial prowess which brings to light an understanding that martial arts does not have to lose its original intent. The “sport” aspect is merely that – an integral portion of overall training.

Senior Grand Master Ro, Hee Sang understands the reason behind many who now embrace the original paths of training. The need to be learn true (real) paths of growth. To accept the honor of being one of those who choose to make a difference.

Preparation and Training: Song Moo Kwan

It should be noted from the onset that training in the Song Moo Kwan is achieved several different levels.

1) Those coming from different systems, willing to train, and perform at a higher level of Technical Proficiency and Honor.
2) Those seeking immersion training. Living, working and training in a total martial arts environment for a solid year. Earning rank and a degree in the process.
3) Those of various Song Moo Kwan school heritage who demand continuity for their own future growth, as well as that of their students.

Regardless of reasoning, making a difference in the standardization of training that returns to martial roots requires strength of purpose.

Being ‘NEW’ to Song Moo Kwan Training

If you are new to Song Moo Kwan training, have been training in another martial arts discipline, and are seeking a “home” (in need of strong advisors, mentors, and Grand Master’s knowledge) – Welcome!

It matters little where you come from. If you have a thirst for knowledge, we are here to assist in your long-term training and support. Your physical limitations, techniques that need refinement or adaptation because of those limitations, will be overcome – we will show how. We want you.

You don’t need to already be highly skilled. We will train you at your level of needed instruction without judgment of past training. You will become greater than you ever thought you could be. You will stand with champions.

Our cross-training in multiple systems will share with you skills acquired and refined. Molding you into the most effective leader possible. With the right structure and training you adapt, improvise, create and overcome. Your mind is the asset that never grows old. Truly seeking to understand the concepts of mind, body, and spirit integration will permit you personal rewards to an organization that appreciates your talents and leadership perspective.

Immersion Training and Degree Program

The second type of training is that of immersion. Taking a solid year to eat drink and sleep martial arts. Working through The Song Moo Kwan’s Seowon University for rank advancement and formal degree in Association with her Korean university counterparts.

Maybe you have someone in your school worthy of such training. Someone you would like to recommend for immersion training – these quality individuals would learn and grow, returning to your Dojang with their new-found wealth of knowledge. Full Scholarships and Grants are available to assure success in learning to appreciate your martial journey.

That first year provides you with your Associate Degree; and, a fluent knowledge and Korean speaking, reading and writing.

If you become a stand out – your training may be offered (tuition free) for a second year; providing you with a Bachelors Degree at the end of your successful finals. Your Song Moo Kwan’s Seowon University training here and in Korea resulting in a rewarding new career advantage.

Song Moo Kwan Heritage

The third type of training is for those of Song Moo Kwan heritage. Those who trained from the onset, or converted to the system, and over the years have done whatever they could to remain true to the tenants and principles of the world’s first system of modern-day martial arts. Restating the phrase that has come to represent what we do and who we are; “Before there was Tae Kwon Do… there was Song Moo Kwan®.”


These three types of training are, in reality, only one type of training. They are all the same. One ‘Kwan’ (family), working to the benefit of each family member.

Official Song Moo Kwan Lineage

If you are Song Moo Kwan®, there is only one place to be. Lineage is not the past. Lineage is found in those who remain faithful to the foundations established. When the student-master relationship remains in “honor.” If you train here, you are of Song Moo Kwan lineage.

For true Song Moo Kwan practitioners, there is no substitute. And, the question of ranking is never at issue. So why not become a part of the system that ranked all those who came before you.

Our prowess remains “on the mat.” Presenting ourselves in joint fellowship removes all question of lineage – and martial prowess. Whether by hand, foot, grappling or throw. With a staff, sword, or a simple piece of cloth. Our skill-set knows no bounds. We have no fear. We are Song Moo Kwan®.

The people reflected in these photos span years and rank. These are a part of the legacy that continues. The legacy that awaits your fellowship.

Presented here, are those that have been represented, accepted and sustained in the lineage of approved WSMKA Black Belts/Instructors in the world today. Those who have chosen martial prowess with Honor and Distinction.

None else can make this statement….

None Else Represent Song Moo Kwan®.