Senior-Grand-Master-Hee-Sang-RoPerhaps the difference between night and day describes the difference between the ranking of 8th Degree and 9th Degree Black Belt. I still feel in awe when presenting myself on the mat for my own training, rank advancement, certification, and/or recertification.  Such was the case this past week when Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro and I returned to training together.

It had been several years since we had been able to spend this kind of time together. The student-teacher relationship is still in place. But the realization of loss to the different systems of martial arts has now become clear. So too, the realization of what proper relationships must be maintained at all cost.

‘Senior Grand Master’ denotes another evolutionary step in an organizational process. It also preserves “special” nature of ranking that almost seems reminiscent of a new white belt trying to comprehend the vast knowledge stored within the mind of his grand master’s years of training.

Senior Grand Master Ro is a man apart.

There is no question he is his father’s son. His martial prowess is unmatched. In this, I was permitted to become reacquainted with truths of what must be preserved. Of what, one day, could be lost. And, of the truth in the adage; “a man is never a prophet in his own land.”

Koreans are considered the 2nd most polite people in the world as far as etiquette is concerned. For this reason you will not hear them bragging about their own accomplishments. You will not hear of them making grand claims or misrepresentations to gain notoriety. Senior Grand Master Ro would prefer to let his prowess be known on the mat.

His philosophy is to surround himself with those who pursue perfection of character. Those who are willing to do what is necessary to preserve integrity, honor, and strength of purpose. He prefers to lead by example. To have those under his tutelage be strong in their own technical abilities rather than amassing sheer numbers as so many of today’s martial arts organizations are prone to do.

The fact is; Before there was Taekwondo, there was the Song Moo Kwan®TM.

Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro will now lead us back to the mandates of proper respect. We of the Song Moo Kwan are obliged to follow. Grand Master Ro, will rebuild the Song Moo Kwan as a force with which to be reckoned. And propriety in teaching and lineages that will demonstrate why Song Moo Kwan practitioners are a step above the rest. Why our instructors and students, though lesser in number, demonstrate skills far above the rest.

May 10, 2013, Senior Grandmaster Ro, Hee Sang dedicated the new American Song Moo Kwan Association National Training Center in Mesa, Arizona. Further dedicating this new 23,000 square foot facility as the Official Worldwide Training College of the World Song Moo Kwan Association. The Fighting Tigers Academy of Martial Arts is the home of Song Moo Kwan traditional training and scientific advances. Our lineage is from Doju Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick, and Senior Grand Master Ro, Hee Sang.

Let there be no doubt; We are Song Moo Kwan!

We set the standard that others profess to follow.


Song Moo Kwan is a Registered Trademark of the World Song Moo Kwan Association which grants license to affiliated charter schools. All schools which have not been sanctioned for use of the name Song Moo Kwan by written approval of the World Song Moo Kwan and/or of American Song Moo Kwan Association Charter are to immediately Cease and Desist unlawful use.