Introducing the Next Step – Seowon Training

 Over the years I have sought teaching students and instructors by the integration of core elements from different martial arts. This permitted increased student insight into technology, methodology, and reasoning to understand specific concepts in the practice, teaching, and demonstration of techniques appropriate for rapid, high-level advancement.

Sometimes, I would provide additional training for students in weapons, should that person demonstrate a keen interest and aptitude for learning. When doing so, I would try to impart to them that the weapon used was merely an extension of their own body. An addition to their extremities. A part of them as much as any hand or foot, or even full body technique.

This was a part of the manner in which I was taught in my youth. Taught, refined, redefined and practiced until a total metamorphoses occurred to produce something more solid and substantial.

I have watched as relatively low-level practitioners and junior black belt ranks rebuke various methods of training. Their failure to continue reading so as to understand the history of their respective martial arts demonstrates an ignorance reflected in any number of blogs and chat room conversations abounding. I even had one black belt association master who refused to teach the Song Moo forms I created to reinforce these predicate techniques in learning – unless his students first achieved their black belt. He felt the forms were too advanced and difficult for anyone under the rank of black belt to follow.

To perform superior Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kumdo, or Ki Bon Mu Gi techniques individually requires a great deal of discipline. It requires an appropriate platform curriculum of education that includes “patience.” For more than 40 years, I have sought to develop the skill and expertise necessary to implement such a platform that the successful integration of these disciplines could result in what I now call “the Seowon System.”


The American Song Moo Kwan Association has employed Song Moo Kwan principles for Seowon System martial arts cross-training in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kumdo and Ki Bon Mu Gi. Providing a platform of education that permits the selection of the “level” of techniques employed for the singular discipline (as in adherence to “Olympic” style competition) or the integration of one or more sister systems when desired to promote expert levels for presentations, demos, or instructional platforms, and/or simply personal practice.

This level of patience and control leave no doubt of the professional skill-set or physical prowess demonstrated.

As you commence training singular movements give way to combinations that easily build upon one another. Each specific discipline is defined to understand its part and counterpart in other disciplines. The laws pertaining to each, simplified with focus, power, and exactness that teach each student to work within the confines of their own personal training regime – creating a new interpersonal dynamic within the arts themselves.

Seowon was a place of learning. Not of religion. Rather philosophy and the pursuit of knowledge. A designed methodology incorporating diligence in learning that the ultimate goal of such would be the betterment of the individual in service to mankind. A personal understanding of the honorific role men and women play in society today.

This center of enlightenment, past and present, is “you.” Your journey. Your success. Your acceptance of what any individual can do – no matter the adversity that is placed in his/her way.

There are those that revel in being a leader of people, no matter the quality of the underlying organization. Those that seek to become a part of massive organizations that cannot possibly render service to their members properly. Then, there are those decide the best manner in which to succeed is by being the example of what could be… Stepping onto the mat, or demonstration platform, without professing any greatness, but performing with an unmatched prowess that leaves no doubt.

When I wear my uniform, I represent what I see in the mirror. I choose to reflect values others may not. I choose to stand alone and permit others to follow, if they wish. I do so because the value of any system of instruction is reflected by its student base. In this manner, the evolution of the American Song Moo Kwan Association’s advanced integrated curriculum is vetted by the prowess of Seowon Taekwondo, Seowon Hapkido, Seowon Kumdo, and Seowon Ki Bon Mu Gi. The Seowon System of martial arts that is founded in… Honor and Fidelity – By one’s given word. To yourself — then shared with those who have not settled for less.

Grand Master Kirk Koskella
(Master K)

I am proud to introduce to you our new online magazine presenting the Seowon System of training and related curriculum information. A new issue will be presented to you each month (with articles/photographs) submitted to by practitioner/instructor/members.

We welcome your comments and review. www.seowonsystem. com