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Founders Day Message

Admin2017-01-05T18:28:46+00:00March 15th, 2016|Song Moo Kwan|

송 무관 창립 72주년:   송 무관 가족모두와 함께 오는 2016년 3월20일 창립일을 기념하고저합니다.   지 속적인 관심과 열정그리고 지도편달을 부탁합니다.   노 희상   March 9th 2016 Dear Song Moo Kwan family members On this day the [...]

Something Greater Than Yourself

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Something Greater Than Yourself In this world, we seek to be something.  Someone.  To make a difference.  What gets in the way is ego.  How we are seen in the eyes of others.  In so doing, we [...]

Thank You, My Dear Grand Masters

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THANK YOU MY DEAR GRANDMASTERS True Lineage from Grandfather to Father in the Martial Arts. Grand Master Park, Byung Hoon This past month, for the first time since accepting the position of President of the [...]

Song Moo Kwan Legacy

Admin2017-01-05T18:28:46+00:00October 26th, 2014|Song Moo Kwan|

The Legacy of Song Moo Kwan What can you say about a man that has what seems to be unlimited patience? There is not much that escapes his notice.  Not much that he does not empathize with, nor is [...]